The Government Advantage

The Law Office of David A. Breston was founded in 1997 by Attorney Breston and his wife and office manager, Donne Breston. Our law firm has since handled more than 4,000 cases in state and federal criminal defense, juvenile defense, and immigration law.

We have earned an outstanding reputation through hard work and experience, and are known for our efforts to repair an often-unjust criminal justice system.

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Our attorneys are well aware of the inequality of power and material resources in the Texas criminal justice system. The State of Texas and United States Attorney’s Office take advantage of an extensive staff of lawyers, police and agents, sophisticated crime labs and experts, and a huge budget provided by the taxpayers.

The government has a tremendous advantage because the legal system is based on the premise that “the whole truth” is that presented at the trial. If a person accused of a crime cannot challenge the government’s case, or submit his or her own witnesses, then the jury by default will probably accept as true whatever evidence the prosecutor produces.